Back from Costa Rica

I had a very challenging week this week. There are some experiences that really demand you evolve into a higher functioning being. And once again, relationship heartbreak has become the most sobering and epiphany baring experience. I had a weekend gig in Costa Rica, flying in Friday afternoon, performing Saturday night, traveling back today Sunday. I treated myself to things I rarely do on these trips. I had a massage on the beach and bought myself a t-shirt. Even though it’s the end of the dry season, it’s a beautiful place. Even though someone may have stolen a hundred dollar bill out of my wallet, possibly a hotel employee, I let it go, because I believe in karma, and that during this week of extreme emotional challenges, I stay steadfast in my conviction of my purpose. I have work to do. And I’m going to do it while riding the edge of my fears and penetrating as much of life as I can, absorbing all of the pleasure and pain.